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Adults are small and delicate, with a wingspan of 18 to 38 mm (0.75 inch to 1.5 inches). 1 . It can often be found in open grassy spaces such as sunny fields and pastures. A proboscis, which functions as a drinking straw, stays curled up under the butterfly's chin until it finds a source of nectar or other liquid nutrition. The Eastern Tailed-Blue is active close to the ground, often on lawns with clover. Adlerflies, Fishflies & Dobsonflies Above & below: an Eastern Tailed-Blue In the upper photo, notice the tails. I usually notice Eastern Tailed Blue butterflies when I see a small bright blue flutter of wings down near the ground. They are rapid fliers and are usually distinguished by iridescent blue wings. Red Spotted Purple. In fact, the tails for which they are named are fragile, and wear-and-tear renders many tailed blues tail-less. Image courtesy of DDT photography. Eastern Tailed Blue, Marine Blue, Eastern Tailed Blue, Small Checkered Skipper and the Bog Elfin all share top honors for Canada’s smallest butterflies with wingspan of 16 mm. Eastern-tailed Blue Butterfly Pictures Below are images of the Eastern-tailed Blue Butterfly. In flight, a Green Hairstreak may also resemble the Mission Blue. A cocoon is the silk ‘sleeping bag’ some species of moths make before they pupate. Females are often slate grey, sometimes with vivid blue coloration close to the body. Interesting Facts. October to early March is the butterfly season in California, with butterfly species like Monarch and Painted Lady are spotted migrating to the central and southern parts of the state. In southern NJ: in 2015, during the Cumberland County Butterfly Count, on June 24, there were 626 Eastern Tailed-Blues. The Eastern Tailed-blue is a small butterfly, with the male being a cobalt blue and the female a slate gray color. While Hairstreak butterflies are the most numerous in terms of species numbers, most have a limited range. Maxima: 400, 27 August 1988, Salisbury (Essex Co.). Hi Janet, The proper identification of the Gossamer Winged Butterflies in the family Lycaenidae, including the Hairstreaks and Blues, can be a daunting task, but we agree that this is a male Eastern Tailed Blue, Cupido comyntas. In Britain, swallowtails are confined to the Norfolk … Photos, flight season, distribution and host plant information, conservation status, and identification tips for the Eastern Tailed Blue butterfly. These are the Acmon Blue, Silvery Blue, Eastern Tailed Blue, and the Echo Blue. Eastern-tailed Blue Blue Everes comyntas Wingspan: 7/8 to 1 1/8 inch. ... Christian Butterfly; Interesting Blogs; My Story; This lively blue to blue-grey butterfly has an orange spot on the hindwing and is the only blue butterfly in Prince William County with "tails" on the hindwing. Eastern Tailed Blue The tails of the Eastern Tailed Blue (Everes comyntas) are not visible in flight. Butterfly Identification Chart Photo credits: Master Gardeners, Kathy Enquist and Teresa Knipper Great Spangled Fritillary Orange Sulphur Clouded Sulphur Black Swallowtail Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Spicebush Swallowtail Painted Lady American Lady Red-spotted Admiral Flight Period in Massachusetts Swallowtail butterfly, (subfamily Papilioninae), any of a group of butterflies in the family Papilionidae (order Lepidoptera).The swallowtail butterflies (Papilio) are found worldwide except in the Arctic.They are named for the characteristic tail-like extensions of the hindwings, although many species are tailless. Unlike most butterflies, which keep their wings closed while resting, eastern tailed-blues rest them at a 45 degree angle. Everes comyntas The Eastern Tailed-Blue is the most commonly seen Blue in the state. The males upper wings are blue while the females are brown. Wing Span: 7/8 - 1 1/8 inches (2.2 - 2.9 cm). Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly Recently I came across a small light colored butterfly in my garden that at first glance I thought was a Small Cabbage White I had seen in my garden here in Chicago. Blue Butterflies with facts, descriptions, sizes and photographs. No matter the meal, they suck it up a straw. They function… by Randy Anderson (Biggsville, Il USA) Eastern Tailed Blue. It is most common in eastern North America, although some can be found in parts of western states such as Oregon, Washington and California. Pipevine Swallowtail. In PA: in 2015, during the Hawk Mountain Butterfly Count, on July 11, there were 18 Eastern Tailed-Blues. The long, tubular structure then unfurls and sips up a meal. In the blue butterflies category the Tailed-blue and Spring Azure range across the state. INTERESTING FACTS: This is our most often seen of the “blue” butterflies in the spring and summer, and it is also one of the smallest. The Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly (Cupido comyntas) is named for the iridescent blue color of its upper wing surface, more vivid in the male, and for the short, thread-like tail on each hind wing. (photos by Marie Gardner) Photo from Wikimedia Public Domain. Dorsal view of the Eastern Tailed-Blue . Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly (Lycaenidae: Cupido comyntas) Worn Female Carl Barrentine : About Published on May 27, 2012. There are several small butterflies that resemble the Mission Blue and are occasionally found in the same areas. The Painted Lady Butterfly • Their legs have a sense of taste. ☰ BUTTERFLY MENU Butterfly Basics; Butterfly Gardening; The Monarch; The Swallowtails ... Eastern Tailed-blue. It is a small butterfly that is distinguished from other blues in its range by the small thin tail. Gossamer Wing family butterfly is called the “gossamers” because some of the butterflies have wings, which are so sheer and delicate the wings look like the soft, filmy, sheer fabric called gossamer. Although all the Blues may do some puddling, this species seems to be more prone to congregating in groups at moist areas along ponds and streams. The Eastern-tailed Blue Butterfly passes from flower to flower and is found across much of North America. click for details. This species can be found in most any sunny area from fields, edges of woods, vacant lots, gardens, roadsides and along lakes, rivers and ponds. This butterfly’s range is throughout the eastern half of the U.S. and southeast Canada as well as parts of California then south to Costa Rica.Costa Rica. Butterflies for me are the most beautiful creatures Mother Nature has created. I recently came across some interesting facts about them that I didn’t know before, which I felt like sharing… • Butterflies can see ultraviolet light. The small Eastern Tailed-Blue is a beautiful butterfly included in the family Lycaenidae. The other species have limited ranges, mostly in the mountains. Currently, this species remains a common butterfly in Massachusetts and is found throughout the state from the western border to the eastern most portion of Cape Cod. The picture shows an Eastern Tailed-blue. VIEW IMAGE. Females are often slate grey, sometimes with vivid blue coloration close to the body. It helps them in finding nectar in flowers. Size: Small, about the size of a Blueberry Generations per year: Four Overwinter As: Chrysalis (Pupa) Interesting Facts: This is our most often seen of the “blue” butterflies in the spring and summer and it is also one of the smallest. Their flight is very quick and erratic, looping and […] Ventral view of the Eastern Tailed-Blue . The eastern tailed-blue or eastern tailed blue (Cupido comyntas), also known as Everes comyntas, is a common butterfly of eastern North America. They are fairly small at 1". click for details. Butterfly caterpillars do not make cocoons. A few species of butterflies feed on sap, and some even resort to sipping from carrion. Blue butterfly, (subfamily Polyommatinae), any member of a group of insects in the widely distributed Lycaenidae family of common butterflies (order Lepidoptera). It is found throughout the state from May though October. The eastern tailed-blues can be seen perching on leaves or stems to bask in the sun. Primary Sections . When I approached the butterfly it fluttered away revealing a blue or gray tint to the upper leaves. This butterfly is an avid visitor to damp soil, damp gravel, and damp sand. A caterpillar creates the silken cocoon with a silk gland/spinneret that is located under its mouth. Underside white with black spots indistinct or lacking; single small orange spot near tail. click for details. Where are swallowtail butterflies found in the UK? The Pygmy Butterfly. Eastern tailed-blue butterflies used to only be found in eastern North America, but can now be admired in new areas – like California. Eastern Tailed Blue. Butterfly Photo Gallery Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly Pictures Cupido comyntas This picture was taken in my lawn of this small Blue nectaring on some sweet white clover. Having the knowledge and ability to narrow your identifications to the family classification level will give you a great start to identifying butterflies. Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly – Cupido comyntasLive butterflies photographed in the wild at Winfield, Illinois Family Lycaenidae / Subfamily: Polyommatinae (Blues)Butterfly Main | Skippers | Butterfly Index This is a very small butterfly – with wings closed, in profile, about the size of a U.S. dime. Eastern Tiger Swallowtail – Papilio glaucus – Butterfly Fun Facts Eastern Tiger Swallowtail – Papilio glaucus Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Papilio glaucus butterflies are found in all states east of the Continental Divide and in part of Canada. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images or return to the article. The Eastern Tailed-Blue butterfly (Cupido comyntas) is named for the iridescent blue color of its upper wing surface, more vivid in the male, and for the short, thread-like tail on each hind wing. Upperside of male blue, female brown with blue at wing base. The dorsal or top side of male butterfly’s wings are iridescent blue, which can be observed as Photographed at Grand Forks, North Dakota (26 May 2012). The Pygmy Butterfly earned the honor of having the shortest wingspan at 11 mm. (Some people consider the nest that a few species of butterflies … Eastern Tailed Blue Everes comyntas comyntas (Godart, 1824) Mating pair photo (Click to enlarge) ... blue vervain, Indian hemp, butterfly-weed, peppermint, common boneset, asters, and brambles. It and the Giant Swallowtail are the … Eastern Tailed-Blue (Everes comyntas) – Lycaenidae Family. Mexican Bluewing Butterfly. The Eastern-tailed Blue flies close to the ground and frequents open areas. They often rest in muddy places on paths, and the bright blue flutter really shows up against the dark mud.

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