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Rhode Island state waters provide an excellent resource and space for recreational fishing activity, from striped bass fishing to digging quahogs, and everything in between. Charlestown, RI. There are many places where the I have a favorite spot before the point on the rocks, from which I do most of my fishing. When fishing a high tide in Jamestown, I always check Potter Cove first. Jamestown is a much quieter location than Newport. Haines Memorial State Park. It is a nice spot, with only a short walk to the water which boasts rocks that sit above the water line on nice flat ledges. We plan to go the middle of this month Sept. 2015), Thanks for your help!! Fishing Rhode Island Waters in July Fishing in Rhode Island waters definitely gets interesting in July. Even though it is technically a cove, it is large and has a wide mouth that faces the open ocean. Can you fish the reservoir or Rainbow Ponds?? I figured at least 75 people saw us land those 30-pound fish in broad daylight off one of the most visible striper hot spots along the Rhode Island coast. Of course, everyone wants to fish the point below the lighthouse. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 On The Water, LLC. There’s a wonderful stretch of restaurants located on Narragansett Ave and nearby lighthouses. Let's face it, there's a lot we can learn and share from one another like what bait or lure is generating the best results. There is a small parking area for about three cars on the left. Do you know of any good pond fishing on Jamestown?? Short Point is known for its big bluefish, although I see many anglers reeling up keeper bass. During a mid-October night, I lost what was the biggest striper of my life. 3649 Post Road, Warwick, RI 02886. It fishes well at any tide, but since I have good spots at other tides, I fish here during low and early rise. In Jamestown, you will find great fishing, and more room to do it. Because of the size of the cove and the large volume of moving water, it does not have to be rough to attract fish. During the summer, baitfish are attracted to the light, which of course means stripers and blues. They seldom disappoint. Some of these rocks are tougher to get to, so I am generally a bit more patient before I move to the next minor point. but well worth the privacy, Has anyone fished the north end of the island around seaside drive? Salty Brine State Beach. I have done well at Taylor Point casting plugs into the outgoing tide. For those interested in fishing Jamestown's lakes, reservoirs and streams, there are some excellent choices including Dutch Island Harbor, Slocum Ledge and Jamestown Reservoir Dam. Keep an eye out for pods of working birds, and cast poppers or metal lures into the feeding fish. I generally make long casts, finding fish farther out. The rocks are slippery, and the water is deep. This old fort located in Jamestown in Rhode Island was built to be hidden from the eyes of seagoing enemy ships. (As always, be careful of wet and slippery rocks. Jamestown, RI. Education, permits, regulations and where to hunt in your area, Local archery ranges, tips for beginners, and advice on the proper gear, Discover local campsites, helpful hints, and where to buy gear, Canoeing, kayaking, and paddleboarding opportunities near you, Your local trail guide for all ages and skill levels, Off-road riding in your area, plus instruction, rentals, and dealers, Get started right with local safety education, training, ranges, and retailers, Autumn is prime time for many of the country’s favorite species of sport fish. Some nights, they will leave your eels alone, but on others, you may have to switch to plugs. Can you send address for me? Get your pup prepared for a day on the water. I will sometimes put the kayak in an hour before dark and have some fun with the blues. The Park attracts people from all over the country, to enjoy its pristine environment. Bluefish ranging from snappers of 6″ to gators in the mid-teens can be found virtually anywhere off Jamestown, both inside and outside the bay, beginning in June. I only fish here when it is safe to do so. I have had many excellent nights on this little sandy beach. Rocks lie on either side of the beach, and I usually walk to the right of them, heading toward Beavertail, fishing as I work my way south. Another interesting way to fish in this area is by utilizing a float or balloon. Start your casting at the outside edge of this rock. For others, summer is prime feeding time, and that…, On Sunday, June 21, we celebrate all things fatherhood. The key to fishing here is to pick a night when the water won’t kill you. Jamestown, RI. Getting onto these rocks makes the cast a little longer allowing you to reach deeper water. Revenue generated from license and permit sales support Rhode Island fisheries conservation programs. Where is good squid fishing area Your email address will not be published. My other mid-tide option is one of the most famous places on the striper coast: Beavertail Light. When fishing the spot facing Newport, look north and you’ll see a large rock in the water. Beavertail is a legendary spot. I cast poppers before dark, usually hitting blues and schoolies. The walk to the water takes about five minutes. For more information contact the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management at 401-789-3094. Block Island National Wildlife Refuge 401- 364-9124 Block Island State Beach Parking available. I have fished from my kayak in this cove many times, and I am convinced that there is a school of bluefish that spends the summer here. Hey can you give me the adress of James town I really want to go but I don’t know how to get there, Wow- that is some primo sharpie info. I have a friend who fishes the rocks by parking lot three on the east side. Nestled behind towering cliffs, the fort is invisible from the ocean and it’s pretty cool to explore the area, especially if you’re a graffiti fanatic. Tautog, striper, black sea bass, and cod fishing remains strong in Rhode Island waters. There is a small beach at the intersection of seaside and Frigate. Out-of-state residents must have a license to shellfish in Rhode Island waters; also, they are forbidden to take lobster. I cannot say that this is a natural funnel, but I do think bass use this area as a highway when traveling into the cove. Beavertail State Park. Rhode Island (RI) Jamestown ; Things to Do in ... Beautiful landscape and stunning views of the East and West Passages of Narragansett Bay and of Rhode Island Sound. Barrington... Continue reading Jamestown might be one of the more overlooked areas of the Rhode Island coast, in terms of surfcasting. Jamestown Fishing Guide. There is a group of guys who fish these rocks all night, often using chunk bait. I used to use poppers from the kayak, but after a close call with an acrobatic 8-pounder, I use single-hooked lures to target the toothy bluefish. The Wood River at the Old Stone Dam, Richmond/Hopkinton, RI. Many nights, lanterns can be seen blazing on this dock. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Fishing Bait in Jamestown, RI. Town Administrator's COVID-19 Update 11/23/2020. You will not find easier access to productive fishing than this spot. I usually will fan-cast from here until I cast to the open water facing Beavertail. I use my “schoolie rod,” a light surfcasting outfit rigged with 12-pound-test line, which allows me to throw these light lures. All listings include a map and route planner - … , East Providence Colt State Park Bristol The East Bay Bike Path Pier. Potter is the small beach on the left just before the toll booth for the Pell Bridge. Choose a nice, comfortable rock to fish on and make sure you plan how you will land your fish once you hook it. This location is one of my favorite areas to fish at dusk. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Bristol, RI. Rhode Island residents are not required to have a license for saltwater fishing unless they wish to sell the catch.

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