daughter, your faith has healed you sermon

She is the joy of her parents, etc. (Preachers' Treasury. We accept Christ as our representative.(N. He perceives the sweetness, he enjoys the brightness that come from Christ into his very soul; and with a confidence that no sophistry can shake, with a love that no power can quench, he tells every assailant, You may as soon reason me out of the consciousness that I am alive, as out of the better and more blessed consciousness that I have the very life of God in my soul. This woman also came into contact with Christ under a very deep sense of unworthiness.4. )LinksLuke 8:48 NIVLuke 8:48 NLTLuke 8:48 ESVLuke 8:48 NASBLuke 8:48 KJVLuke 8:48 Bible AppsLuke 8:48 ParallelLuke 8:48 Biblia ParalelaLuke 8:48 Chinese BibleLuke 8:48 French BibleLuke 8:48 German BibleLuke 8:48 CommentariesBible Hub, (3)To assert His right to be glorified for what He has done.4. Tell him that Christ is only a mythical character. She did so constantly. I have no doubt this was the main reason. Jesus turned about and, when the woman came forward, said "Daughter, your faith has healed you, go in peace". 3. The welcoming look of love and pity to those who seek Him. She did so constantly. (John Trapp. THE WOMAN WHO CAME BEHIND HIM IN THE CROWD. Our wardrobes suggest cotton-fields, flax-fields, silkworms, flocks of sheep, herds of cattle, birds of the air, wild animals of sea and land, from pole to pole. H. Spurgeon.I. But this woman not only thus tried the most likely means, and persevered in the use of them, but she also spent all her substance over it. With a word, with a gesture, with a look, with a touch, He did great works of beneficence. Her being brought out had the best of consequences.1. Is she not a picture of many among us, who try everything but the right thing, and also go anywhere rather than to the Saviour? But now she knew Him, and believed in Him — not in the fringe of His garment; now she had confessed Him before the multitude, and would not fear to confess Him before her friends. )She was not hidC. If he needed sympathy, there would be always people ready to give it. That we should comply with all His solicitings, and ever seek nearer and. Evidently what He desired was to bring the woman nearer, and to establish more direct and abiding relationship between her and Himself.III. You are becoming more careless, more dubious than you once were. THERE IS NO CURE WITHOUT CONTACT. He is, at this time, the fashionable doctor.4. Are you going to be mere pats, fluttering out when none will observe you, and hiding from the light? She came bravely, and spoke most sweetly for her Lord. You might as well tell him that the flowers that are breathing their sweetness in his presence are only painted flowers, that the sun which is pouring brightness into his chamber is only an imaginary sun. Observe, again, that this woman touched Jesus very secretly. That was her sole reward for trusting and spending: she had not been relieved, much less healed; but she had suffered. 1. Was it not so with this woman? Touch Jesus, and salvation is yours at once. "Alas!" D. Hitchcock, D. D.I. You are doing certain things now that would have startled you years ago, and you are leaving certain matters undone which once you would have thought essential.4. Dropsies were dried up by Him. This excited the wonder of the disciples. It is worth while to note that virtue cannot leave one and pass to another without a loss to the giver. Christ's apparent harshness. Learning, rightly apprehended, is not mere passive reception, as of water into a cistern, bringing with it all the accidents and impurities of roof or aqueduct. THE STATE OF THIS WOMAN'S MIND in this sad condition. Would she not be sure that it was loving wisdom that deprived her of the convenience which she had yearned for, and substituted blessings of which she had not dreamed? You do not know of how much service your open confession of Christ might be to some trembling soul. I have known many persons cured of timidity by coming forward to confess Christ. Human history almost began with martyrdom. Deep waters are still. He that has little to tell should tell it straight away. Jesus meant that power had gone out from Him. D. Hitchcock, D. D.I. Let us inquire —I. Touch Jesus, and salvation is yours at once. (a)There was a display of confidence. She did not cry aloud like the blind men.5. "Daughter," He said, "be of good cheer;Thy faith hath made thee whole";With plenteous love, not healing mere,He would content her soul.(G. Do not excuse yourselves through pretended humility. Not from displeasure. Not from displeasure. She, in the gospel, who but touched Christ, fetched virtue from Him. God thinks much of the lowly: you must not talk so. That, however, is not the law which human hearts acknowledge. This is where Dr. Apathy lives. )The persistence of faithSermons by Monday Club.Again, Jairus and the woman and the blind men teach us not only what faith is, but what it inevitably involves. H. I might have been a timid one all my days if I had not made that confession before the Church." This, say the Evangelists, is a poor woman afflicted for twelve years with a disorder, a haemorrhage, which was then held to warrant divorce — a disorder which rendered her" unclean "in the eyes of the law, so that she could neither enter temple nor synagogue. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.” He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Why compel her to tell her sad story of womanly pain and suffering in so many ears? But our Master knows no limit of power or boundary of mission. 4. It was not to be a system of bleeding and blistering, of curing by counter irritation, of making six days of the week holy by making the seventh miserable, of making earth a place of torment in order to render heaven accessible, of overcoming one disease by the production of another. When I told him my symptoms, he said, 'I understand you, my dear fellow, you need a sedative. Do not excuse yourselves through pretended humility. I could not sleep at nights for thinking I might lose my soul. Human physicians could not heal. In their warfare it is still Vae victis, for they cannot cumber themselves with the wounded. Even wigwams and bearskins are no gratuities. AN ACTUAL TOUCH. Whereas, the mercies of God are absolutely infinite, and beyond all possibility of proportion; and yet this bashful soul cannot steal one drop of mercy from this endless, boundless, bottomless sea of Divine bounty, but it is felt and questioned.(Bp. Again, there may be difficulties in our way: but few of us have such difficulties as that poor woman. Note, first, she felt that it was of no use being in the crowd, of no use to be in the same street with Christ, or near to the place where Christ was, but she must get at Him; she must touch Him. "All that a man hath will he give for his life."(H. says one, " but suppose after I had confessed Christ I should become as bad as ever." )The cost of serviceR. Physicians are men set apart on purpose to deal with human maladies; therefore she went to the physicians. It is very easy to kneel down to pray, but not so easy to reach Christ in prayer.2. He calls her "daughter."IX. Now that Jesus is near, is even waiting for you, will you not trust in Him and come to Him to be healed?(J. You cannot satisfy faith by reading about Christ, or by knowing Him — you must appropriate Him. Jesus obeyed the law we had broken; He suffered the punishment we had merited; He obeyed and suffered on our behalf. In Christ there is healing for all spiritual diseases. )The touch of faithMethodist Times. MEN'S FAILURES. instant and says, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace, and be healed of your disease.” Application and conclusion. THE JOY OF CHRIST IN CONFERRING BENEFITS UPON HUMAN SOULS. That we should confess gladly and gratefully before men all the good we have received at His hands.4. How it came is not told. "But perhaps people may not believe me." Can you doubt for a moment, or wonder, what would be the nature of those performances? Many thronged and pressed upon Christ; many touched His clothes; yet only one touched Him.3. Again, people dwell together in single lines of mutuality. Then the Lord gave her a word of precious quieting. Eusebius goes on to argue the probability that Veronica caused it to be erected, since it was a custom of the Gentiles to erect statues to those who had healed them; and Caesarea Philippi being, not a Jewish, but a Phoenician city, mainly inhabited by Greeks, we have every reason to believe that Veronica herself was a Gentile. Virtue is stored up in Him, and flows forth from Him at every touch of faith.(S. You never found her slow to introduce the gospel, whoever might be with her. she asked. Thus does He grant to His applicants, not only the healing they pray for, but also the strength which they are content to lack. Why? III. Though the invalid for twelve years has tried physician after physician and has received no help, she will try again. When all your own virtue has gone out of you, then shall you seek and find that virtue which goeth out of Him.III. Efforts after salvation made in your own strength act like the struggles of a drowning man, which sink the more surely.2. WHY DID THE SAVIOUR ASK THE QUESTION, "Who touched Me?" He is the most popular of all the soul doctors, and has an amazingly large connection among young people. Forsyth, M. A.I. we can only answer, She was driven by her sense of need, and drawn by her faith in Christ. SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT. WHY THIS TOUCH ATTRACTED THE PARTICULAR ATTENTION OF THE SAVIOUR?1. We can appreciate the touch of fire, the touch of caustic, the touch of poison; but can we not appreciate the touch of sin? The so-called passive virtues either are not virtues, or are not passive. At her feet there springs a certain strange plant, which rises as high as the hem of her garment; it is held to be an antidote to all forms of disease. Let us mark the contrasts of life presented by these two houses in the "twelve years" twice mentioned by Mark.I. In fact, this woman teaches us four things about what faith looks like. W. Beecher.Well, ought she not, in that very instant, to have cried out? Not so. Here is one. Many thronged and pressed upon Christ; many touched His clothes; yet only one touched Him.3. Life before Christ is life working beneath His eye.

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