Wall Decoration

I supply tester pots to help with the selection of the perfect colour for a space. Paint colours chosen from a chart can look different when on walls in the home, according to each room’s quality of light, so time spent on testing colours in situ proves to be cost-effective.  

Major advances in technology mean wall coverings are no longer just sold in rolls made from paper. Contemporary looks now include metallics, holographics and suedes. These coverings are often sold by the running metre, so there is little wastage. Alternatively, a single super-sized digital image could dominate a scheme and look stunning.

The ‘wow’ factor that the accent wall provides is ever popular, giving your room a whole new feel for very little outlay.  

Subtler wall coverings intended to suit all-over use are now making a come-back, adding a warm finish to any room.

I have a large and inspiring selection of pattern books featuring myriad styles, colours and textures, from which I can help you choose the perfect wall-covering for your scheme. These include Cole and Son, Mulberry, Sanderson, Carlucci, Brian Yates, Harlequin and GPJ Baker.

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